COOP – S.O.S. ONLUS Cooperativa Operatori Socio Sanitari

COOP was founded in 1989 in Bolzano by nine nurses with the aim to promote the social integration of citizens and increase their state of health through professional care and assistance services. In those years, non-profit social cooperation was an underdeveloped phenomenon – the law on social co-operation was published only in 1991 – and these nine nurses seized the challenge to organise care services for the new needs of their fellow citizens. COOP was one of the first cooperatives to rise in South Tyrol with the peculiarity of being a private organization with a social purpose.

  • Services for public clients (healthcare companies, municipalities, etc.), private companies and primary end-users
  • Support and care of ~ 3000 people
  • Working fields: home care, counseling, post-operative care, assistance concerning requests of allowance for nursing care, recruitment and administration of nursing staff
  • Other care services